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HSS Collection$127

Master Service Curator ($112 Value)

Client Onboarding Guide ($128 Value)

Balance The Bag ($63 Value)

Hustle The Gram ($85 Value)

$388 Total Value

Today was a great day. I never realized how truly insane my life was. I spent the week doing the journal prompts. Honestly, it tapped back into the girl who started this business at the beginning. I forgot all about her in this craziness. 

I got to try out the productivity techniques this week too. I did a different one each day. I've never got so much done in my LIFE.


I wanted more exposure for my business, but the thought of getting on Instagram made me anxious and exhausted. Hustle the Gram made it so easy for me to conquer my fear. I got three weeks of posts done in a day! Now people can't wait to see what I post next!


All this time, this was what was missing from my process. My brand is heavy on experience and I felt like I dropped the ball on onboarding. This made so much sense, was easy to follow and do! Got it done in a day!

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